Agnese KarlsonFamily constellator, structural constellator

Family counselor, structural counselor (individual sessions)

I conduct individual therapy sessions mainly using the family constellation method, but in addition to the natural healing gift, biosensory training adds depth and precision to the sessions. Therapy is suitable for all adequate people who are ready for deep and honest self-development of their own free will. The constellation session is a comprehensive, structured and active therapeutic healing work with the unconscious psychic processes of a person and his family. The direction of the session is to free yourself from everything foreign and consciously choose your life.

I work daily as a constellation therapist, and I have a total of seven years of experience in therapeutic work, which includes approximately 2,000 client works.

Training for work 2018-2019: constable certificate (N0 SPH – 190401) International Institute of Systemic Psychology.

Basic bioenergetics course (2018), advanced course and private training (2019).

An introductory course in family therapy (2021) and an introductory course in runes (2022) have also been completed.

Academic education: University of Tartu (BA educational sciences, 2003); University of Tartu (humanities teacher training, 2005); Tallinn University (MA education management, 2012).

Membership: Estonian Association of Professional Constellators.

53655666 (SMS)