Jaanika MölterFamily Constellator

I started my journey of studying family constellations in 2018. It has been a journey of growing into myself with love and trust and searching and finding answers to my questions, which has helped me understand myself and others better and change the quality of my life for the better. I now want to share my experience and knowledge with others. We can change ourselves and our lives and live with joy.

On 09.10.2022, I completed the family constellations training of the Moscow Institute of Consulting and System Solutions and the “Family Constellations and Consulting” cooperation program of the Constellation and Conscious Development Institute.
My teachers are Kalmer Kase, Tiiu Boltzmann, Olga Knjazeva, Vlad Syritsa, Stephan Hausner.
I continue my studies in the international study program “Structural constellations and consulting”.

In 2019 – 2020, I completed the initial family therapy course “Introduction to family psychology and family therapy” (80 hours + 20 hours of independent work) at the Estonian Family Therapy Training Center.
My teachers are Kiira Järv, Küllike Lillestik, Tiit Kõnnussaar, Kadri Järv-Mändoja, Triin Kahre, Auli Kõnnussaar.
In 2020, I completed the Vaikuseminutit basic training (27 h) of the NGO Vaikuseminutid and the Mentor basic training (16 h) and participated in the 2021 Mentor workshop (6 h) Intelligentne Grupp OÜ.
In 2019, I completed the SA Valuing Life course, the PREP program for singles “My relationship is in my hands” (16 h + 8 h of independent work)
In 2016, I acquired the knowledge of Parent communication training at the Gordon family school under the guidance of Kadri-Järv Mändoja of the Family Center Sina ja Mina (32 h).

Since 2004, there has been an interest in the human factor and safety in aviation, where everything starts with the person. I have studied Human Factors topics in Holland, England, Switzerland and taught human factors topics to students and employees of aviation organizations.
At the University of Tartu, I obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 2003.
I have been a member of the Estonian Quality Association since 2001. Previous work experience is related to management systems and quality management.

I do individual constellations and workshops, group constellations mainly in Tartu, but also in other suitable places by agreement.