Katri SuurmannFamily Constellator

I have completed the training of family constellations in the OK cooperation program of the Moscow Institute of Systemic Solutions and the Estonian Center for Practical Psychology and Systemic Studies, teacher Olga Knjazeva, supervisor Mikhail Burnyashev, in 2022. I am currently studying organizational and business constellations under the same teacher.

In addition, I have completed a 3-year training for Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnotherapy Therapists at Conscious I Private School in 2013, teachers Jure Yoram Biechonski, Tom Barber, Rebecca Sears, John Rowan, Alar Tamming, Christine Kraas, etc. Over the years, I have continually improved and continued to improve. with different professionals. My acquaintance with the world of constellations began thanks to Tiiu Vilu, who introduced this method in Estonia in 2010. I have participated in the seminars of Tiiu Bolzmann, Stephan Hausner and Thomas Hübl and Colin P. Sisson, Maire and Helena Taska and Sergei Zarsitsky’s “Feel yourself and others” course, Crete-Rosin Pindmaa EFT, Reiki and the annual Summer of Conscious Development and winter seminars. I practice Kundalini Yoga and Qigong. I am in a happy relationship and a mother of two great children.

I have a higher education in business management from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tartu since 2002. and long-term business experience that has brought me together with many great people and offered me interesting self-fulfillment, but I have always felt that I need something more to feel whole and in harmony with my soul.

Today, I have found this “something” – the method of constellation – for myself and others, and in addition to my daily work, I am happy to support people in their personal development. I consider the constellation to be a very effective method, especially when working with subconscious connections and deep trauma.

You are very welcome to my events!

Katri ‘s Constellations

Katri Suurmann – therapist and certified constellator

Active member of EPKA since 2022

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