Ranno SaarmannFamily Constellator

I graduated from Tallinn University of Technology with a degree in informatics. Systems analysis has been part of my normal job for over 25 years. Now a diploma of family constellation from the Moscow Institute of Consulting and Systemic Solutions (Института Консультирования и Системных Решений – ИКСP) has been added.

A systematic phenomenological approach is one of the most modern methods for solving various problems. With the help of systematic layouts (Aufstellung, positioning) it is possible to make visible patterns that are usually not recognized and noticed. This method allows you to study yourself and your connections with close people, family or family. The method is also very well used to analyze relationships and dynamics in organizations, educational institutions, various associations, or open self-organizing social systems.

My teachers and leaders in the world of constellations have been Tiiu Bolzmann, Mikhail Burnyashev, Kalmer Kase, Olga Knjazeva, Natalya Klevtsova.

I will help you to expand my reality through constellations.