Principles of personal data processing of the Estonian Association of Professional Constellators (hereinafter: EPKA)

EPKA processes personal data voluntarily provided by its members with the consent of the individual or the Personal Data Protection Act, the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR) and the instructions of the Data Protection Inspectorate.

EPKA collects the following types of personal data:

  1. personal data voluntarily disclosed to EPKA by members upon joining. Upon filling in the application for membership, the future member of EPKA has read these principles and agreed to them by making a corresponding note on the website, in the box indicated next to the application;
  2. personal data arising as a result of normal communication between the member and EPKA (eg upon payment of the membership fee);
  3. personal data disclosed by the member (eg on the website, social media, media);
  4. Lists of personal data created by EPKA (eg list of participation in EPKA event, list of members, etc.).

The purpose of collecting personal data is to ensure the functioning of the association, incl. Registration of members, collection of membership fees, performance of joint activities, sharing of professional information. Personal data is processed by an accountant and an IT solution provider on the order of the Board of EPKA. The Board of EPKA is responsible for the processing of personal data and is responsible for:

  1. registration of new members,
  2. association e-mail,
  3. drafting and sending an internal newsletter to members,
  4. administration of the association’s website,
  5. financial transactions,

A member has the right at any time to:

  1. notify EPKA of its wish to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data;
  2. demand the correction of incorrect personal data;
  3. require the deletion of data, unless otherwise provided by law.

Personal data shall be kept until the member leaves the association or in the event of his or her death or withdrawal of consent. Questions, requests or complaints related to the processing of personal data should be sent to the Board of EPKA by e-mail

These principles have been approved by the decision of the Management Board on 28.02.2022