The Estonian Association of Professional Constellators (EPKA) was founded on 27.12. In 2017.

The objectives of EPKA are:

  1. explaining and promoting the preventive, solution-oriented and therapeutic role of the constellation method in Estonian society;
  2. compilation, sharing, translation and publication of professional information, organization of conferences, training courses, round tables, information events;
  3. maintaining a competent and discreet level of contellation service and the professional ethics of constellers in Estonia;
  4. supporting the professional development of constellations;
  5. promoting co-operation in the field of the constellation with similar organizations operating both in Estonia and in other countries,
  6. to develop into an organization awarding and recognizing the profession of consteller, the standard of which complies with the requirements of the European Qualifications Framework and professional ethics;
  7. initiating and coordinating the establishment, application and acquisition of a professional standard for qualified constellers;
  8. be a reliable contact for professionals and clients in their field;

creation and provision and coordination of covision and supervision opportunities to support and develop constellations.