Eda KontsFamily Constellator; Structural constellator

I have acquired a bachelor’s degree in social science, majoring in economics, at the University of Tartu in 2006

As a constable, I have completed the following studies:
1) family system constellation therapist – completed 2022 family constellation studies at the Institute of Systemic Solutions and Consultation
2) business and organization constellator – graduated from 2023 business and organization constellation studies at the Institute of Systemic Solutions and Consulting

The most important advanced trainings:
2000 – Ene Kulasalu & Reet Trasanov’s communication training “Behavioral models – prerequisites for a coping personality”, 28 hours
2018- “Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course” conducted by Tru Me Therapy, 130 hours
2018 – Participation in the training “Know yourself and others”. Trainer Maire Taska, Sergei Zarzitski and Helena Taska, 24 hours
2019-Participation in training The International Academy of Clairvoyance and Energopsychology diploma “Master of Clairvoyance”, 220 hours

“Understanding self and others”, “Energy of passion” and “Seven energy channels for superpowers development”.
2019-2020 – “The Art of Conscious Change” I-III module – Ingvar Villido, 31 hours
2020- 2022 – Master class – “Reading the constellation field”, “Metaphorical associative maps in psychology and psychotherapy”, trainer Olga Knjazeva, 24 hours

I have participated in the workshops/seminars/trainings (1-2 days) of the following composers: Oksana Borodjanskaja, Tiiu Bolzmann, Stephan Hausner, Marianne Franke-Gricksch.

In addition, I participate in the supervisions conducted by Olga Knjazeva.

I regularly conduct group constellations and individual constellations.

By nature, I am an open communicator, a good listener, a person who enjoys life and has diverse interests. I consider my strength to be the ability to work in stressful situations and economic knowledge, which is helpful in business and organizational constellations. I start from the customers’ wishes and needs, and together we find the best solution/variant.

I belong to the Estonian Professional Architects Association (EPKA)