History of our association

Psychologist Olga Knjazeva was the initiator of constellator training. Olga was in Riga in 2006-2009. organizer of the Estonian direction of the family constellation training held at Jauno Psihologiju Centrs in 2011, which produced both later Estonian constellators as well as trainers of the next generation of Estonian constellators and later also the founders of the professional association of constellators.

In 2010, the first Estonian book on family constellations, Wilfried Nelles’s “Healing Power of Reality”, was translated, where the word “konstellatör” was used. The consultant for the book was Tiiu Vilu, a family designer living in Norway, who already in 2008 introduced family constellations in open workshops in Estonia.

The first long, eight-module training course for family constables took place in 2011-2013. The trainers were Olga Knjazeva and Olga Potjmkina, who cooperated with the Institut konsultirovanija и sistemnykh sluzheni (Institute for Consulting and System Solutions) and its head, Mikhail Burnyashev.

In 2013, another book in Estonian about family constellations was published by Tiiu Bolzmann, “The Hidden Laws of the Family. Handbook of relationships from birth to death”, where the consultant was Kiira Järv, a recognized family therapist and trainer of family therapists. This book laid the foundation for understanding the constellations and directed Estonian-speaking readers to think about the connections between their lineage and destiny. Tiiu has been conducting family constellation workshops for family therapists in Estonia since 2012.


The idea of creating the Estonian constellators’ association came from Ülle Pikmal, Maret Vohlal, Maire Taska and Asko Talu, who graduated from the first constellators’ course held in Estonia. However, the time was not yet ripe, there were few active constellators in Estonia at that time, the goal was not fulfilled and it was postponed to the future.

On 27.12.2017, they met again to establish the association on the initiative of Kalmer Kase. By that time, there were considerably more constellators who had completed constellation training and were working, the topic was also a little more familiar to the Estonian public, and a consistent training system for constellators had been created. The founders’ meeting of the Estonian Professional Architects’ Association was attended by: Bärbel Luhari-Err, Danel Raudsepp, Helena Taska, Kalmer Kase, Kristel Rannamees, Maire Taska, Olga Knjazeva and Olga Potjomkina. Ene Ahas contributed to the development of the initial version of the articles of association.

As of today, we have more than 100 members in the association.

Board I 24.05.2018-16.6.2018 Kalmer Kase, Bärbel Luhari-Err, Kristel Rannamees
II board 16.6.2018-17.6.2021 Olga Knjazeva, Alla Raudsepp, Karin London
III board 17.6.2021-present Karin London, Ada Kesonen, Ingrid Tiido. Jana Einart from 27.03.2023-present