Alla LeonovaFamily Constellator


Practical psychologist, systemic family constellator

Specialization: adjustment problems in a period of change, the relationship of adult children with parents and older adult children.

Working format:

Individual and family counseling (incl. Online).

Family constellations.

Education: (year / educational institution / specialty):

2005-2009 – Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities – Tallinn, Estonia – practicing psychologist

2006-2009 – Higher School of Psychology (Institute) – Moscow-Riga – “System-phenomenological approach and system constellations” (in-service training – 1260 hours) – certified head of the systemic family constellation.

March 2010 – Tallinn University / Institute of Educational Sciences – Śalva Amonaśvili pedagogical training (full volume 40 hours) – “Humanistic-personal approach to children in the educational process. The School of Life system ”. Sh. A. Amonashvili “The system of human and personal approach to children in the educational process”. Life school system “.) (40 hours)

January 2010 – Training Center for Creative Technologies and Methods for the Humanization of Entrepreneurship and Education – St. Petersburg / Tallinn – Training Seminar “Sand Therapy. Projective and educational games on the sand ”(continuing education – 30 hours)

2011 Institute of Practical Psychology “Imaton” St. Petersburg / Tallinn Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Prevention and Management Program (120 hours)

September 2014 – IGO “Organizational Constellations. Foundations of Organizational Constellations ”(professional development – 24 hours)

February 2015 – IGO “Organizational Constellations. The shots are everything. The personality of the leader and its impact on the success of the organization. Organizational human resources and teamwork. Introduction to Systemic Supervision ”(professional development – 24 hours)

2016 – UN Institute of Clinical Psychology, Novosibirsk. Psycho-physiology (72 hours)

2017 – Institute of Psychocatalysis. Somatopsychology and psychocatalysis (108 hours)

April 2020 – Institute of Practical Psychology “Imaton” St. Petersburg online psychological counseling: a guide for beginners (16 hours)

Methods of psychological help and psychological help: constellations of the family system, metaphorical maps, psychocatalysis, game therapy