Jana EinardMember of the Board of EPKA; Family constellator, organization constellator

I have graduated from the Estonian National Art Institute (ERKI master’s degree in 1995), have been engaged in art therapy, geobiology, Qigong, Taiji and ThetaHealing therapies since 1996.

I graduated from the Institute of Systemic Solutions and Consultation “Systemic-phenomenological approach and family placements so-called. family constellations” training (2019-2022) under Olga Knjazeva, and in the same year I started the studies of the “Business constellations and systemic development of the organization” program.

I practice constellations regularly and I can use all the knowledge I have learned in both individual and group constellations.

I belong to the Estonian Professional Architects Association (EPKA)

Since 1999, a teacher of art and art history, member of the Tallinn Reval Rotary Club.