Alla RaudseppFamily Constellator; Structural constellator

I am a lawyer / constellation therapist. I have graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu and have a bachelor’s degree in law equivalent to my master’s degree, and I have worked as a practicing lawyer for 25 years.

In addition to the law office, where my main field is family law, I studied as a constellation at the Institute of Systemic Solutions and Consulting in 2017-2019 at the training system “Systemic-phenomenological approach and family provisions”, where I qualified as a constellation therapist in family systems.

In the spring of 2019, in addition to the above, I graduated from the Institute of Systemic Solutions and Consulting with a training in “Constellations of Structural and Internal Components”. Maybe I’m a family consteller and a constellator of internal structural parts.

I have constantly developed and trained myself in the fields of psychology, therapy and law, which specialties provide broad-based professional skills and knowledge in these areas to share my knowledge and skills with those in need.

I have taken on my mission to promote constellation culture, which is why I am also the founder and performer of Pärnu constellations and I belong to the Estonian Association of Professional Constellators, where I am also a pro bono lawyer and board member.

My strengths are my ability to work in stressful situations, in groups and as an individual counselor, and a good knowledge of the legal landscape and individuals through the prism of psychology and law, which disciplines / professions complement each other, creating a .

I am a cheerful person with a positive outlook on life, diverse interests, an active and active person. I love my clients and always treat them with great respect, I highly appreciate the effectiveness of the methods of my chosen specialties and I sincerely believe that I have received and can continue to help people in the best possible way.

Of the methods, I mainly use family constellations, structural constellations, different maps, individual therapeutic approach, legal knowledge and experience, etc. I can also combine different methodologies to solve legal and other problems simultaneously and / or proactively.