Diana MägiFamily Constellator

I have completed the training of family constellations in the cooperation program of the Moscow Institute of Consulting and Systemic Solutions and the Institute of Constellation and Conscious Development (KTAI), with teachers Kalmer Kase, Olga Knjazeva, Tiiu Bolzmann, Stephan Hausner, Vlad Syritsa, in 2022. I am currently continuing my studies of structural constellations at KTAI.

Over the years, I have improved myself in various areas of my life and found that lifelong learning is the most suitable for me. When I find something that interests me, I improve myself and acquire knowledge in it. I have completed the “Year for Yourself” program at the Institute of Holistics and plan to continue training as a therapist. Natural therapist training with various massages at the Alar Krautmann Health Academy. In the past, I have studied and passed various specialties and I can be called the so-called “Hunt Kriimsilm and his 99 professions”. Namely, I do what my heart and soul desire and call me and exactly as long as I feel that I need to do it. I also lay cards and use them in constellations if necessary.

I came to constellations in the summer of 2020, because while doing massages, I realized that massages can only help a person to a certain extent, even if you can see where and how far the problem actually started – it was not enough and somehow incomplete for me. That’s why I started looking for other solutions, how I can help people better, and after the first constellation experience, I was “sold”. Thanks to the constellations, I have been able to solve a lot of things in my life and family system, and I feel that I can also help others through this. The constellations have shown that I have reached my true heart calling. I have participated in the seminars and workshops of Tiiu Bolzmann, Stephan Hausner, Joan Corbalan, Susana Sciarres, Ants Rotslas. I find that constellations are something that you can never get enough of. Every constellator does work, with the same tools, differently and in his own way. And this is the greatest charm of the matter – there is a constellation suitable for every person.

I make constellations mainly in Southern Estonia, but also in Tallinn and Pärnu and sometimes in Sweden.