Heldo KorbeFamily Constellator; Structural constellator

I have consciously walked my spiritual path for 30 years and been in contact with the world of the constellation for over 12 years. I studied and graduated from the Moscow branch of the Moscow Institute of Consulting and Systemic Solutions with a degree in Family and Organizational Constellations under the supervision of Olga Knjazeva. Today I have worked as a consteller for over 6 years. I have introduced this method in many seminars and, in addition to constellation groups, have also organized men’s circles using the constellation method for two years.

For me, constellation is a method that makes me visible and gives me the opportunity to accept my reality, helping to heal both myself and family patterns. Through it, it is possible to put an end to the dysfunctional dynamics that pave the way for free choices for present and future generations. I help people to reach a wider reality through the constellation.