Helena TaskaFamily Constellator; Structural constellator; Organizer of the organization

My interest in psychology arose after completing the “Feel yourself and others” course. I entered the NORD Academy, from there my studies took me to Tallinn University. Due to the creation of a family and the birth of children, there was a break in university studies for a while. At the same time, I was exposed to constellations and systemic thinking – it fascinated me so much that in 2011 I joined the first constellation study group in Estonia. I participated a lot in constellations and was an interpreter of all subsequent Estonian constellation courses. Thanks to this, it was possible to constantly learn and improve your knowledge. In 2018, I graduated from university with a degree in social work and am actively working as a constellator and system therapist. I am very grateful to my teachers, the head and lecturer of the Estonian Systemic Solutions Center Olga Knjazeva and the constellator Maire Taska, who have continued to support and encourage me on this wonderful path.

In my work I use different techniques and methods: family constellations, organizational constellations, work with associative cards, work with anchors, psychocatalysis. I am a trainer-trainee in personality growth trainings and I teach constellation-based courses and workshops on various topics. I conduct group constellations and accept individual counseling.

My field of study:

2019 – Customer-centric Structural Constellations (Moscow Institute for Systemic Solutions)

2018 – Social Work (Tallinn University)

2017 – Psychocatalysis

2015 – Organizational Constellations (Moscow Institute for Systemic Solutions)

2013 – Family Constellations (Moscow Institute for Systemic Solutions)

20 ..- Psychology (Tallinn University)