Jaana SaarFamily Constellator; Structural constellator

Certified transpersonal body hypno- and psychotherapist and therapeutic constellator, visiting lecturer at the private school “Conscious Self”, trainer and group therapist.

My professional title does not cover everything that I have acquired and use in my daily work as a therapist. My handwriting, which has been established for 8 years, sums up the most: transpersonal and therapeutic. In other words, just as each person is different, so are approaches and therapeutic techniques tailored to the client. The client does not have to fit into the theories and within the given framework, but as a therapist, it is my duty to create a healing form suitable for each of them.

For me, the person is a whole, and if there is a difficulty somewhere, it affects all the systems we are exposed to – family, relationships, work, children, health, generations, and so on. Thus, whatever question is addressed to me, it always reflects some imbalance in the person himself. It doesn’t matter if it’s long, inherited or recently created. Everything has a cause and therefore a consequence. This is what I believe and what my practice has always confirmed. There are many different ways to make connections visible and always depends on the customer. But what is certain is that when there is a moment of recognition, there is a shift within the person and according to the customer’s descriptions there is lightness, more air, a decrease in tension, peace and joy. Even if it is less at first, then as you continue your journey, it grows over time.

In my constant development, I have focused on acquiring various therapeutic methods, perspectives and skills, combining them with science and anatomy. My studies continue constantly and in newer ways to provide high-quality knowledge and skills for my clients. For me, the client is equal to the therapist and it is always a collaboration, the results of which depend on both and not just one or the other. I believe that there is always more power in cooperation. That is why I always share and support my colleagues or customers, who offer more and thus contribute to creating a healthier future for future generations.

I have collaborated with the Estonian Defense League, the private school Teadlik Mina, with various interesting people from different walks of life (canine therapy, lactose and gluten-free nutrition, publisher, coach, sleep clinic).