Kalmer KaseFamily, organisational, structural constellations; trainer program trainer

Arranging and conducting training of constellers. Carrying out supervision in learning.

Family constellations, industrial constellations, structural constellations, counseling and individual constellations.

I got acquainted with the constellations in 2005. Studies of family constellations in Riga began in 2006 and lasted for 3 years. At the same time, I studied the constellations of institutions and organizations in Kiev, which I also graduated from in 2009.

I started performing constellations in 2008. Then I improved my skills in the field of therapies in Riga in 2011-2014, where upon graduating from the Academy I am an expert in methods of healing close to nature, which is confirmed by the issued diploma.

My studies as a constellation teacher began in Moscow in 2015. After graduating in 2018, I started training a family constellation study group, and until now I am mainly involved in training constellators.

I definitely make constellations at least once a month in both Tartu and Tallinn, I do a module introducing constellations at the Holistic Institute and at Univesus trainings.
A few years ago, I supplemented my studies with Structural Constellations. I have constantly improved myself with parallel and additional trainings.

I have an adult educator profession.

In the near future, I would like to participate in the training of Family Therapists in order to be better acquainted with different directions and thus offer a better opportunity for those who are looking for solutions in their lives and for those who want to learn more and become a constellator.