Katrin JuurveeFamily Constellator; Structural constellator

Katrin Juurvee is a certified constellator, she has trained as a family consteller and system consultant as well as in client-centered structural constellations at the Moscow System Solutions Institute. In addition, Katrin has graduated from the Private School of Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnotherapy and trained as an Imago relational therapist. He has been involved in astrology for many years, considering it as a method of self-development that allows a person to make better contact with his inner world. In addition to EPKA, Katrin is also a member of the Estonian Association of Public Relations Therapists and the Estonian Association of Astrologers.

Katrin graduated from Tallinn University with a first degree in Estonian language and literature. He has diverse work experience, having worked in the public sector for many years in both education and culture. Katrin arrived at psychotherapy in 2015 through personal life changes and based on the need for self-development, and finds that by doing this work, she has reached her true vocation.

As a therapist, Katrin Juurvee offers individual counseling, hypnotherapy, couple therapy and group constellations. He is happy to conduct workshops and give lectures on constellations. He considers this method to be the closest and most effective.