Kristel RannameesFamily Constellator; Constellator of the organization, Structural constellator

Work experience
I have worked as an adult educator and psychological counselor for over 15 years. I am the head of the training and counseling center Sisemine Areng OÜ, which I created. I conduct various psychological trainings both for company teams and as open trainings. The most common topics are stress management, emotion management, teamwork, self-assertion, introduction to the constellation method.

In individual counseling, I am focused on people or couples who are motivated to work with themselves and are not afraid to look at their topics in depth. I use various methodologies in my counseling, such as analytical conversation, Imago pair therapy, constellation, work with metaphorical maps, exchange of perceptual positions, guided imagination, hypnosis, body work.

Twice a month, I conduct constellation workshops, where you can already address each client’s issue on a more systematic level.

Constellation as a group therapy is suitable for people who want to get to know themselves and the dynamics of their family better, understand the root causes of different patterns of behavior through different generations and thereby enable change in their own lives and those of their loved ones.

In spring and autumn, I have been conducting a series of lectures introducing the very popular constellation method for 7 seasons, consisting of 5 evening modules, during which you can get a better overview of the principles, structure and possibilities of using the method. During the series of lectures, we also do practical exercises, the immediate healing effect of which can already be felt on the spot.

Constellation topics that I turn to more often:

Various chronic symptoms or mood disorders that may recur from generation to generation
Emotional fluctuations (anxiety, depression, sudden anger, emotional lockout, etc.)
Relationship with a partner
Relationships with parents
Relationships with children
Relationships with other relatives
Infertility topics, abortions
Attempts at suicide, self-harm, desire to die
Traumas, survival

Academic education

3-year training in family constellation and organizational constellation (Estonian branch of the Moscow Institute of Systemic Solutions 2010 – 2013)
Imago Couples Therapy 2-Year Training (2011 – 2012) Lecturer: Rebecca Sears M. DIV LPC
Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnosis – Private School Conscious Self (2010)
NLP Practitioner Level (2005)
Financial Management – University of Mainor (2000)