Maire TaskaFamily Constellator; Constellator of the organization; Structural constellator

To date, I have done thousands of constellation work and love my work very much. I came to the method of systemic therapy and constellation when I sought help after my son died. I traveled to India, met people who recommended me to go to the “Feel yourself and others” course. I initially sent my daughter Helena there because I found that she needed more of such a course. However, seeing the change in my daughter literally before my eyes, I decided to take the course as well. Experiencing everything myself and seeing what this course gives people, the desire and thought of a similar Estonian language course grew. That’s why I went to study as a trainer for the “Feel yourself and others” course. During the course and the subsequent coaching training, I also got acquainted with the constellation method and started studying family constellation in Riga in parallel. Since 2007, I have worked as a systematic settler, and I continue to do my work with great love and pleasure.

I use different techniques and methods in my work: family constellations, organizational constellations, work with associative cards, work with anchors, fairy tale and art therapy, psychocatalysis. I am a trainer of personality growth courses (“Know yourself and others”, “Man and woman”) and teach constellation-based courses and workshops on various topics. In my lectures I teach and introduce systematic thinking, the principles and rules based on it, family and organizational constellations. I conduct group constellations and accept individual counseling.

My field of study:

2019 – Customer-Focused Structural Constellations (Moscow Institute for Systemic Solutions)

2015 – Constellation of the organization (Moscow Institute of Systemic Solutions)

2010 – fairy tale therapy in education, psychological counseling and business (Institute of Practical Psychology IMATON, St. Petersburg)

2009 – Family Constellator (Moscow Institute of Systemic Solutions)

1982 – Physical Education Instructor

1982 – equestrian coach (Kiev Institute of Physical Education)

Tallinn 46th Secondary School