Marlis Lucila PiirsaluStructural family constellator

Marlis Lucila Piirsalu graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in fashion design in 2010. Design creator.

2018 started studies of constabulary at the Moscow Institute for Systemic Solutions and Consultation. From 2020, he will continue her studies under the guidance of Olga Knjazeva. The teachers have been Olga Knjazeva, Tiiu Bolzmann, Maire Taska, Kalmer Kase and Mikhail Burnyashev

From 2019, the Peruvian Andean Shamanism and World Treatment School will be studying under the guidance of Kawsaypacha, Nicolas Pauccar. In 2020, Qigong began his studies under the guidance of Daisy Lee.

Marlis is a member of the Estonian Association of Professional Constabularies.