Siiri VallimäeEPKA board member, family consultant, organizational consultant

I have completed my master’s degree in psychology at Tallinn University in 2007.

As a constable, I have completed the following courses:

1) Business and Organization Constellator – graduated in June 2023 from business and organization constellation studies at the Institute of System Solutions and Consulting

2) Family system constellation therapist – completed family constellation studies at the Institute of Systemic Solutions and Consultation in December 2023

I will continue for now

In the training of structural constellations – planned to graduate in June 2024. studies of the constellation of customer-oriented structural and internal parts at the Institute of System Solutions and Consulting

In the field of psychology and counseling, I have completed:

Training “Coaching tools and their use in the work of a school psychologist” (02-14.04.2020, 24 hours) International Supervising and Coaching Institute
Training Depression and excessive anxiety: possibilities of student support (10.2019, 8 hours) University of Tartu
Training “Critical incident in a children’s institution and crisis pedagogical model of intervention. Conducting a class discussion”. Maire Riis (9.06.2016, 8 hours).
Training “Children’s self-regulation: a selection of practical work techniques for professionals dealing with children”. University of Tartu (27.04.2016-23.05.2016, 8 hours).
Training “Role of a psychologist and ethical principles in teamwork”. Tallinn University (4.12.2015, 8 hours).
Training “Supporting students with learning disabilities in Pathfinder centers and behavioral problems related to learning disabilities”. Ana Kontor and Ly Erg (-5.03.2015, 26 hours)
Mindfulness course. (8 weeks – February-April 2015). Facilitated by Anni Kuusik
Minutes of silence training. Minutes of silence of the NGO (19.09.15 and 28.11.2015, 16 hours).
An introductory course in cognitive-behavioral therapy. Tartu University Institute of Psychology and Estonian Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Association. Sept. 2014- Dec. 2014. (6 EAP or 156 hours).
Introduction to family psychology and psychotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counseling Training Center Meritus, Oct.-Dec. 2007 (90 hours)
Advanced training in music therapy. Tallinn University Open University, Sept. 2005 – May 2006 (supervisor Alice Pehk) (15 AP).
Solution-focused short therapy training, Open Education Association Tartu Center, Oct. – Nov. 2003 (48 hours)
“Gordon’s Family School”, i.e. communication skills training for parents and their advisors – Family Center Sina and Mina – 24 hours trainer Ènne Aas-Udam – 1.5 AP in volume

In addition to constellation training, I have completed:

“Peculiarities of working with trauma and pain of loss”, Vlad Syritsa, 22.-24.09.23 (24 hours).
Mari Viik “Interfaces of psychiatry and constellation” 14.-15.10.23 (20 hours).
Reading module (Olga Knjazeva) 24.-26.11.23 (24 hours)