Taivo JansonFamily constellator Business and organization constellator

Organization of social work and rehabilitation 2022 – University of Tartu – Pärnu Kolledz

Completion of family constable training in spring 2022. Institute for Consulting and System Solutions. Olga Knyazeva

Completion of business and organization constable training in spring 2023. Institute for Consulting and System Solutions. Olga Knyazeva

I am currently participating in studies of the constellation of structural and internal parts arrangement. Academic period 2023-2024

Transpersonal psychology and Hypnotherapy, private school Conscious Self – Transpersonal counseling and hypnotherapy. 2017-2021. Jure Biechonski

The School of Body-based Therapy (UK) – Bioenergetics. 2019-2020 Devaraj Sandberg

Paramedic 2008- Defense Forces Health Center

Vibroacoustic massage with Tibetan singing bowls using contact method 2016- Viktor Ugui

Voice Dialogue and Conscious Body 2017 – Judith Hendin

Trauma and metaphor cards 2017- Ofra Ayalon

The Gift of Forgiveness – Healing Heart Wounds 2018- Oliver Clerc

Coaching Circles of Forgiveness 2018- Oliver Clerc

Imago relationship therapy 1 A, 2018 Siiri-Liis Kraav

Past life regression 2018- Tom Barber

Un-Hun A Shamanistic throat chanting system for healing and spiritual development. 2019 – Vladislav Matrenitsky

Trauma and EMDR 2019 – Tom Barber

Constellation field reading 2020 – Olga Knjazeva

Metaphorical Associative Maps in Psychology and Psychotherapy 2021 – Olga Knjazeva

Mental Health First Aid, 2021 Major

Trauma training for constables – Franz Ruppert

META-EFT (emotional freedom technique) level 1 and 2, 2022 -2023 Crete Rosin Surface

Master classes for artists: “Individual work with a client”, “Fairy tales, dreams and animals as metaphors”, “Victim, aggressor, savior”, “Couple relationships”, “Body, Soul, Spirit”, “Releasing money energy” – 2022-2023 Maire Taska.

Positive Psychology 2023 (3 EAP). University of Tartu – Toivo Aavik

Vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) practitioner 2022-2023 – Moonika Laanetu

Working with trauma in constellations 2023- Vlad Sõritsa

EPKA supervisions from 2022
I regularly hold group constellations at Köleri 8 in Kadriorg (times can be found on the EPKA website in the calendar and on Facebook). I also do an individual constellation reception where I use dolls, anchors and metaphor cards.

In my work, I mainly use a systemic and transpersonal approach, including various methodologies that help the client find balance, integrity, expansion and development, so that the client’s well-being and relationships can change.
I belong to the Estonian Association of Professional Constellators