Karin LondonEPKA superior; Family Constellator; Constellator of the organization

Karin London has been working as a therapist, supervisor, coach and trainer since 1994.

Karin graduated from special education at the University of Tartu in 1993. During his university studies, she began studying psychotherapy in the field of psychodrama, and later in NLP, family therapy, family and organizational constellations, and other therapies.

She graduated from family constellations in 2016, certificate 322 and organizational constellations in 2015, certificate 024. In addition to basic training, he has participated in many other trainings on the constellation, e.g. trauma in the work of the constellation, working with different techniques in the constellation, etc.

Karin conducts therapy groups, where she uses constellation and psychodrama methods according to the client’s needs. As a constellator, he considers the use of others, especially the method of psychodrama, and his combination with the method of the constellation. As a therapist, his basic thinking is central to her approach to psychoanalytic development. Karin conducts open constellation groups, works a lot with individual clients, introduces systemic family and organizational laws at conferences, writes articles.

In recent years, Karin has worked with many different Estonian organizations in both cooperation and management. She works as a supervisor and coach in the social field, education, for many years with various Estonian orphanages, while he has graduated from the UT Faculty of Economics MBA and has worked with business organizations. In her opinion, the customer only wins from these different experiences. Her specifics are his knowledge of the “laws” that are aware of the functioning of the organization, as well as the subconscious. growth, not hierarchies of power. She works with all kinds of hidden dynamics and the resulting difficulties in the organization and team, managing change and involving the team.

In family constellations, she works on various topics – anxiety and eating disorders, depression, relationship issues in both the partner and parent systems, and so on.

Karin is a member of the board of the Estonian Association of Professional Constellators.

She is also a member of the Estonian Supervision and Coaching Association and the Estonian Psychodrama Association.